Monday, October 16, 2006

Hallowe'en Contest

Hi Kitties!
I wanted to let you know that I am in a really fun Hallowe'n contest made up by my friend Skeezix. Here are sum piktures of me in my costume:

My Mommy made the costume for me, becuz I asked her too, and altho I HATE wearing hats, I still wore the ears for a little while.

I wanted to be a playboy bunny becuz I saw Kismet in his Hugh Hefner Robe. He is a very manly cat. My mommy said I am too young for a boyfriend, but if I had one, I would want it to be Kismet! I like his whiskers and his big paws!

If you want to vote for me, go to the contest website:


Rocky the Gutter Cat said...

MRAW!!!!!!! I took one look at yoo and I didn't feel like a geezer cat anymore. YOU ARE HOT! And kyoot! I know I can't kompeet aginst Kismet, but if yoo want sumwun hoo duzn't play the feeld like sum big man cat I know duz, yoo just give me a call.

Ariel said...

Adorable costume.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tiggy, you look so beautiful in the costume that your Mommy made! Good luck in the contest.


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Hi Tiggy. Found you over at Kismet's comments. Welcome to our cat blogging community. I'm 6 months old, so we're almost the same age. Stop over and see us.

Your friend,
Misty E

P.S. I just love your costume, pink being my signature color and all!

Merlin said...

I really like yer costum. I dunno about Playboy or Hugh Hefner (though I really wanna be like Kismet when I grow up) but I do like bunnies.

Cecilia said...

Tiggy you have a very cute costume. And it looks like you have big paws yourself.

Millie said...

Oh Tiggy, that is a cute costume. You must be very brave to let somebody dress you up like that. I still don't hardly let my Lady touch me.

Hot(M)BC said...

Your costume is adorable, Tiggy!
Boni, Mini, Pepi, Gree and Sanjee

D said...

Congratulations Tiggy on your well deserved second place standing in the competition. I think your costume was absolutely adorable.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

HEY, GUESS WHAT? oops - sorry fur yellin' an all, but we wuz furry 'cited on account of you an us is NAY-BURRS! we live in Lomita an that's rite next door ta Torrance! that's so way cool!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Hey, Tiggy, shoot me an emale with yer adress so I can give all the loot yoo wun to the man in the bloo shorts to give to yoo!

And congradyulayshuns!

Yer best frend,
Skeezix the Cat

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Congratulations on your second place finish, Tiggy! What a great way to make everyone's acquaintance. You're one cute kitty.


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Tiggy,
You are just adorable. Love your costume and congratulations on your win.

My little KC will be 4 months old on the 26th, that's about a week away.

sher said...

Oh Tiggy I adore you in that costume! You are just too adorable. I'm so impressed how you posed just right!