Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hallowe'en

Hi everyone!
I am in another Hallowe'en costume contest, at Stuffonmycat.com!!!

Please go here to vote for me!!

Here is a pikture of the pumkin my mommy and I did together. She did the carving part, and I was the supervisor. It was my idea to give the pumpkin a Grillz.

Purrs and headbutts,


For Catzee

This post is for Catzee. Her mommy just started puttin the Arness on her, so she can go Outside. My mommy has an Arness for me too, and I hated it at first, just like Catzee. You can see how much I hated it:

I was so mad!!! I kept rolling around the floor, trying to roll away from the Arness. But the thing about Arnesses, is that wonce your mommy puts em on u, that's it, you can't get em off, unless they're way too big. So the best thing to do is just accept the Arness, because when your Mommy puts the Arness on u, that means that you're gonna go Outside!

An then, this pikture is of me wonce I figured out that Arness=Outside.

Good Luck Catzee, your lucky that you gonna get Outside! An don't worry, the Arness isn't that bad.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Man is home!

The Man came back! He goes 'away' a lot, and this time he was gone for a long time. I guess he was on a very long hunt, because he looked tired and dirty when he got back. He was pulling a big box-thing which is guess had his prey in it. I wish he would take me on his hunting trips, because I think I'm big enuff to help him bring down some game. I've been practising on Gerry, and I kill him almost every time. Also I know my teeth are sharper than The Man's teeth, and that must come in handy when you are hunting.

Anyway, I like it when The Man is home, because he stays up late so I have some company and he also gives me bean food almost every day (when Mommy isn't looking). Also, Mommy gets very upset when I put the bitey on her, but the Man doesn't seem to mind.

Here is a picture of me and The Man. Do you think he might me a Very Big Cat and not a bean at all???? Look at the whiskers on his face! You can't see it in the picture, but he has fur all over his body. An when he's sleepin, he makes a kinda purrin noise. What do you think?

Friday, October 27, 2006

What Happened to Gerry???

Something really weird happened to Gerry. I am starting to wonder if he has a twin or something, sort of like the kitten in the merrorw. He disappeared for the whole day, and then when I found him a gain (on my chair) he smelled REEL funny... sort of like how the beans smell. Also his fur was all fluffy. At first I wasn't sure if it was him- his fur is usually sticky from me puttin the bitey on him. An he used to be sorta brown, from draggin him around, you know? Anyway, I sniffed him A LOT and then gave him a little bitey on the neck.... after I bitey him a bit, he started to smell OK. AFter a couple days, I figured he was ok.

Tiggy's Mom said: I guess Tiggy has accepted Gerry after his bath. I found him inside her food dish today- I guess he was hungry!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

WOW! Lotsa Presents!

SO I got my prizes today! The Maleman was busy, becuz he had two boxes an two envelopes for ME! I gots: Pictures of me, cards wit me on em, temptations, mousies, an FUR BOA.... It jingles too!!!! Skeezix knew I LOVE things that jingle. Mommy also a neat-o jar from Robyn! She can thank me later for being cute enuff to win her the jar.

Me in my BOA

I like the mousie a lot.

After we opened up all the stuff, Mom put a lot of it away for later, but I got to keep my boa. Then we went Outside to sit in the grass for a little bit.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Kitten in the Meerowr

Hi Kittehs!
I wanted to show you a picture of the kitten that lives in the meerowr. I don't have brothers or sisters that live in our house, but this kitten has lived in the meerowr ever since I lived here! DO you think this might be my sister? She had tiger stripes like me. That is my mommy taking the photo! This pikture is real old, from when I wuz still a tiny kitten!

Monday, October 23, 2006

I won again!

Guess WHAT??? I won Sanjee's Mom's Hallowe'en contest! They picked me for first place! I am so excited... the prize is purrfect for my Mommy, a cool jar and a bunch of jewerly that Sanjee's Mom Robyn made. It's on her website, Crystals and Jewerly. Mom is having a hard time picking her prize from all the nice stuff tho! And I finally put sum linkys on the side. If I left you out, I'm furry sorry. Leave me a comment and I'll linky you!

This picture is my best Tiger shot! What do you think? Do you have a Tiger shot?

Friday, October 20, 2006

A New Place to Sit, and a Secret

Hello Kittehs and WBC'ers.

The Furriness is happening with Jelly from I Got 2 Shoes this week. Go and check her out for lots of kitty pics.

First of all, I wanted to show you my new place to sit. My Human Mommy likes to sit at the desk and hog the computer. I try to divert her attention from it by walking in between her face and the screen, or pretending to bite her arms, or wrestling the fabric of the chair. Sometimes I just want to sit on the desk so I can stay close to her, but her desk is always full of stuff! My person is very messy! So I found a new place to sit. There is even a tray full of stuff to bite and play with within paw grasp.

Also, I have an embarressing problem. When I am sleepy, I love to suck on the blankets while I knead them with my paws! Mommy said I will grow out of it, but I am worried that people will think I am "Just A Kitten", you know? I am SO mature otherwise. DON'T TELL ANYONE!!! PLEASE!!! I WOULD DIE!! But since you are my friends, and I know you won't make fun of me, here is a video:

The blanket is all soft and furry, just like a kitty.

Mommy asked me to post the WCB Schedule so Here it is:

October 28- Linda from Kayak Soup.
November 4- Lali from Lali et Cie.
November 11- Skeezix at Skeezix the Cat
November 18- Amar at Catsynth.
November 25- Robyn and Sanjee at Hot(m)Bc
December 2 – D at The Hidden Paw
December 9 – Miz D and the Angry Cat at Belly timber
December 16- Kitchen Mage
December 23-back here at chefsarahjane
December 30- Lisa at Champaign Taste

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Thanks to everyone who voted for me! I won second place! Yay!

On another topic, I wuz wondering if all you kitties could help me. Every few days my mommy is attacked by a big machine with a huge mouth that goes "Vrommm". It is WAY bigger than me, but not as big as the Vromm-vromm that are Outside. It drags her across the carpet over and over. Someitmes it tries to eat my toys! It scares me A LOT. I think one day it might try to eat me. DO any of you have one of these living in your house? Did you ever try to kill it? I found it sleeping-- right next to my crunchies!!!!! I wanted to kill it, but it doesn't have a neck like Gerry does. And it is NOT soft. So I don't know where to bite!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hallowe'en Contest

Hi Kitties!
I wanted to let you know that I am in a really fun Hallowe'n contest made up by my friend Skeezix. Here are sum piktures of me in my costume:

My Mommy made the costume for me, becuz I asked her too, and altho I HATE wearing hats, I still wore the ears for a little while.

I wanted to be a playboy bunny becuz I saw Kismet in his Hugh Hefner Robe. He is a very manly cat. My mommy said I am too young for a boyfriend, but if I had one, I would want it to be Kismet! I like his whiskers and his big paws!

If you want to vote for me, go to the contest website: www.foshalloween.blogspot.com

Saturday, October 14, 2006

About me

So I was reading sum of the other kitties' blogs and I thought that they might like to know a bit about me! Well, I am 7 months old, and my Mommy took me home about 5 months ago. She adopted me from under a shed in San Pedro, where I was living with my "real" Mommy. My "real" Daddy was no where to be found, and my new Mommy said that I would have a better life if I went with her. She had some yummy food, so I came out from under that cozy shed. There was a Crazy Lady and a Crazy Man who lived in the house in front of the shed, and they were sad that I was leaving. They used to play with me with yarn and stuff. I bet my real mommy was sad too. I forget what she was like, but my human mommy said she was a "tortie", what ever that means.

AT first I was real scared and also really small. Here is a pikture of me next to a shoe so u can see. I had to go to the vet ALOT, becuz a kitty who lives under a shed ends up with lots of small problims like eye infeshuns, worms, fleas, and that stuff. The fleas really liked me and also my humans!

Anyway, I live here in Torrance with my Mommy (who I love ALOT) and my Daddy (who I like, but not as much as Mommy). Sumtimes I think my Daddy is not a person at all, but a really big cat, becuz he has ALOT of fur all over his body, whiskers on his face, and a tail. Altho the tail is in the wrong place.

I think I'm a lucky kitty, becuz I have ALOT of toys, and I also have a kortyard to play in. It has leaves to chase, sumtimes there are bugs, and also a lot of dirt to dig in.
I don't have a cool strollers like Skeezix, but I do have a harness and sumtimes I get to go outside of the kortyard to play in the grass. But the big vroom-vroom things scare me and also the small persons when they whizz by on boards with wheels.

Well, that was a lot of typing! I think I'm going to go and sit in the window now. Thanks for readin my blog!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Hi! My name is Tiggy and this is my first ever post to the innernets! Here is my pikture:

I am sitting on top of my favortie toy, Gerry the Giraffe. I hate it when anybody else touches my giraffe, even my Mommy. I am in a cool costoom contest, hosted by my frend Skeezix.
He is very cool and has a neet-o blog. I'll post sum more soon!