Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hello Innernets!

WOW It has been almost six months since I posted! I have been getting used to my new place, and I like it a lot. The other kitties are OK, I like playing with the Fat one, but the Whiny one gets on my nerves. She is always trying to sit on my Mommy's lap, and she even has the nerve to try to sleep next my Mommy! What is wrong with her! That is MY Mommy! So sometimes we fight, but for the most part we get along. I don't let her push me aroound, even if she is bigger an older than me.

The best part about the new living place is that there is a garden where I can go out and sniff the grass! The Fat one goes out too, he doesn't have to wear a leash, because he is too fat to run away. But I haves to wear one.

The other cool thing about this place is The Squirrel Show. We sits inside the screen and the squirrels come right up to eat the peanuts the humans leave out for them. They are not scared at all of the fat cat!!!! They will run right past him and he doesn't even care! What kind of cat is he anyway???

Friday, February 02, 2007

My First WCB in Furrever!

Hi Everyone!

Well, we finally moved into our new home! Now I have a kitty teevee just like Kismet! ALso, I have two new kittys to live with, they are ok I guess. I just want to play with them, but they are lazy kittys. I found lots of other stuff to play with though.

I love to play on the stairs. The railings are lots of fun.

This is my den.

The first day I was alone in the house, my mommy and the other lady were out and the other kittys weren't here yet, so I took Gerry down to the basment and into my den. I didn't want him to be scared and by himself in the strange house! (I also took my birdie toy into the den. Just to be safe.) Then later when my Mommy came home an we went to bed, I ran downstairs to get Gerry, and brought him up to the bedroom, then I went back down to the basement and got the birdie toy and brought IT up to the bedroom too. But that was only the first day or so. Now I am really comfortable and Gerry is hidden away somewhere and I am the only one who knows where he is. SO I know he is safe. I don't want the other kittys to think that they can share him. It's bad enough that they try to share my mommy. One of the kittys likes to sleep on my mommy's bed, but she doesn't realise that it is MY BED TOO. Sometimes we fight over who gets to sleep there. Other times we BOTH sleep with Mommy on her bed, one by her head and one by her feets. So I guess we are getting along OK.

Well that is all for now!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

She's home!

Hi Kitties!
Well, my mommy is back from her trip to Belfast, and I was so happy to see her! I thought she had left furever, but she came back and that made me furry happy. She said that in 10 days we are going to move again! And we're going to be living with two other cats! I don't know how to feel about that- I just got used to my current roommates, and now I've got to make furrends with two new ones? Mommy said I'm really adap-table whatever that means, but I hope that my new roommates will be nice to me.
Anyway, I have been doing ok other than worring about the move. I am just happy my mommy is back. Here is a picture of me sleepin:

Mommy said wonce we get into our new place, she's gonns have the internet all the time again so I can get back to visitin all your blogs again!

Friday, December 22, 2006


Hi everyone! We are hosting WCB from our new home in Toronto. I have met a lot of other kitties, and I have a playmate! His name is Barry, he is a really big cat, like three times bigger than me! We chase each other around and stuff. An there is another cat here here too, her name is Kitty, but she doesn't like me tho. When we came here on the air plane, I meowed a lot on the way, but I wuz reel quiet on the plane. Gerry was with me in the red box, so at least I wasn't alone. Here is a pikture of me on the new bed. I like it cause now I can sleep next to mommy (where I belong) instead of that big, stinky, hairless "person".
(I'm having some computer issues, hopefully I can get that pic of Tiggy up soon!
- Tiggy's Mom)

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More Updates to come!

WCB #..... um... December 23rd!

Here's a place for your WCB links. Mommy said she is looking forward to the distraction from everything else in her life. She also said the round up will start tomorrow. She said I can finally post a piture too!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bad News


Well, I figured out what Japan is... Grr's teenager wuz right, it is VERY far away. I found some bookmarks mommy saved on MY 'puter, here they are:

This one.
An this one.

The bookmarks had me very concerned, so I stay reel close to Mommy all day. She wuz reel busy cleanin the house an she also made a big pile of stuff in the sleepin room. Then late last night she was on the 'puter, and I wuz sitting in her lap, when she started talkin to the 'puter using sumfing called Skype. The 'puter talked back to her and I heard it say "Have a good flight!"

Now this is what The Man said to Mommy when she went away in the summer. I think she's gonna go to Japan! Last time she went away The Man stayed to clean my litter box. What if The Man goes too?

I'm furry concerned about this!!! Maybe I can go wif her...

UPDATE! I've bean watchin the beans reel close, an I figured out that only Mommy is goin to Japan. The Man is stayin here! So the good news is sumone will be cleanin my litter, but the bad news is Mommy is takin MY 'puter, and The Man is always usin his, so I probly won't get to post any fing until Mommy gets back. It's gonna be reel borin if I can't reed my frend's blogs. Anywon want to teleport over????

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More toy piktures and a question

Hello Kitties! I have been very busy trying to destroy the birdy toy. I managed to pull all the fevvers and the bell off it so it really looks like fish now. But then I got a surprize! Meowmie (I like that name) MADE A WHOLE NEW ONE! Fresh Meat! I have her trained reel good, she's got my replacement toys ready and waiting for me! Here are some good piktures of me with the birdy toy:

Before I make Mewomie play wif it

During play

My Kill

I play wif it by myself too, it always seems to get wrapped around chairs and tables, and that is a lot of fun. There have been some other fun things happening too, like my Meowmie made a big mess in the closet (bigger than usual), she took out a lot of clothes and moved stuff around. (It was fun to play wif the sleeves and stuff. I like it when she does these things to entertain me.) Afterwards, The Man came in and looked around an nodded his head and stuff. I think he was sayin "Good job entertaining Tiggy. Keep it up!"

But there was sumfing bothering me too. Have any of you kitties effer heard of sumfing called "Japan"? At first I thought it was a kitchen thing, like when I go in the cupboard and Meowie shouts "Get you kitty-litter paws Offthepans!" But "Offthepans" sound different than "Japan". I think I remember her talkin bout it a while ago, when her sister wuz here. Anyway, what do you kittys think? Should I be concerned about this "Japan" thing?

Friday, November 10, 2006

A New Toy

Well, Mommy did forgive me for how I scratched and bited her. I think she will take me to the park again... (I hope!) The Man felt sorry for her over the rooned pants, so he took her to the mall (what ever that is). I know she still loves me, becuz she played with me with my favorite toy in the whole world:

This toy my mom made for me with stuff from the craft store. The Man says it looks like a flying fish with fevvers, but I think it looks like a birdy and I love to chase it around anyway. I had already ripped some fevvers off it by the time she took the picture, but anyway it is reel fun. It's on a string, tied to a long stick, and it flys around the room just like a birdy! I can jump in the air and catch it! The Man said I jumped three feet in the air! Mommy said she's gonna get it on video soon.

In this pikture I caught it:

Also I have been draggin the birdy around the house, but it's not easy cuz there's a reel long stick attached to it. But that didn't stop me from draggin it upstairs to put under the bed.

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A Very Bad Day

Today was reel bad. We went to the park and there was two woofies, an the woofies owner was stupid. He brought the woofies right over to me even tho I was in my "don't mess with me pose" (hair standing up, fluffy tail). He started talkin to my beans, an he wasn't paying attention to his woofies, an the woofies's collars were REELY loose, so one of the woofies got out of his collar. He was furry big, way bigger than me an I was gonna scratch his eyes out. My Mom saw what was gonna happen, an she thought if I scratched the woofie, he might bite me, so she grabbed me up, but I was so freaked out I thought SHE WAS THE WOOFIE SO I SCRATCHED HER REEL BAD.

I scratched her in ten different places all over her hands an arms. She dropped me to the ground and shouted a reel bad word an The Man grabbed the woofie. I was so glad The Man was there. Thent he stupid owner took the dog an tried to put the leash on him, but the woofie got away AGAIN! The Man caught him again and they gotted the leash put on him. Then the stupid owner still kept standing there, with his woofies barkin until my mommy told him to go away. She said it nice, but I could tell she was mad. She was wearing white pants and they gotted blood all over em. The sratches were so deep they were drippin blood all over her white pants.

Anyway, we went home after that. I usually sit on mom's lap and The Man drives, but this time Mommy drove an I sat with The Man. I think she was mad at me. So I crawled up from the backseat an sat in her lap as she drove. I hope I still get to go to the park!

A New Place to Sit, Part 2

Check out this grate place I found to sit!