Friday, December 22, 2006


Hi everyone! We are hosting WCB from our new home in Toronto. I have met a lot of other kitties, and I have a playmate! His name is Barry, he is a really big cat, like three times bigger than me! We chase each other around and stuff. An there is another cat here here too, her name is Kitty, but she doesn't like me tho. When we came here on the air plane, I meowed a lot on the way, but I wuz reel quiet on the plane. Gerry was with me in the red box, so at least I wasn't alone. Here is a pikture of me on the new bed. I like it cause now I can sleep next to mommy (where I belong) instead of that big, stinky, hairless "person".
(I'm having some computer issues, hopefully I can get that pic of Tiggy up soon!
- Tiggy's Mom)

Anyway, herre are the links:

Boots and Tess get early Christmas presents at The Hidden Paw

Sam uses mind control to get what he wants at Stillpoint.

There's a Christmas carol over at The House of Mostly Black Cats!

Taboo gets some personal space as a present at Jelly Pizza.

Upsie needs our wishes for a speedy recovery! Go and visit him and The Sundance Kid at What did you eat?

KC does some entertaining at Missy, KC and Bear.

Kako meditates on Walt Whitman at Toward the Sunshine.

Xena and Kai help Chris prepare Christmas dinner

Bustopher and Harmon pose in the nativy stable at Kate in the Kitchen.

Bonnie and Victor send their Christmas wishes with a furry great card!

Mr Mao and the Ducthess in their Christmas best.

Pia and Siri have THE CUTEST Christmas pictures yet!

Rosa submits some great Christmas postcards of Frindolin and Maruschka.

Catsynth offers some channukah wishes.

Merry Christmas wishes from Dragonheart.

Kamikaze shows off his presents at I got 2 Shoes.

WOW! Go to Skeezix's blog for lots of kewl Christmas piktures, and even SNOW!

Anne has a very cute CHristmas picture of a very pregnant Glinda.

Cat Zee checks out the Christmas snow.

Finally, a first-timer: Shorty is working hard at the post office.
More Updates to come!


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi Tiggy, good to see you back posting.

You can add this to WCB -- KC had company, one of the two angels who saved her life!

jason said...

Thanks for hosting this week in the midst of some big changes. Good luck in your new home.

And here's Kako's advice courtesy of Walt Whitman.

RainCatGirl said...
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Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I have a lot of stuff going on on my blog this weekend -- I've got all my Krissmis dekorayshuns up, thare are free ecards to send, a donis nobis pacem peace globe, Mr Tinydik's Krissmiss lites, and the grand finawley on Krissmiss Eve will be my speshul verzhun of "'Twas the Nite Beefore Krissmiss." Hope evrywun can drop by!

PS: Glad to see yoo bak, Tiggy!!!

Jelly said...

Hi Tiggy! I hope you are alright in your new home. It's colder there, isn't it? Well - it's my hometown and maybe when I finally come back I can meet you! Play nice with the other kitties!
Here's Kamikaze with his Christmas present:

Rascal said...

What a great bunch of links Tiggy. I forgot to ask to be added to WCB. Too much going on at home. Purry Christmas to you!

KathleenM said...

New to WCB, please add this link:

Merry Christmas !

Lux said...

Tiggy, I feel really ignorant, but what does WCB stand for?

It sounds like you've got lots of cats to play with and it's wonderful you can sleep with your mommy!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Tiggy! I'm not sure if my other post went (silly blogger) so I'm doing it again! It sounds like you haf a nice furry family to play with. Don't worry about Kitty, she'll soon be won over by your cuteness.
I sleep with my mommy too! Isn't it great?!? Mommy's are the bestest sleepy snugglers.
I can't wait to see pictures.

DEBRA said...

Hi Tiggy!

Wish I could've joined in,but Momma wuz so worried I had hurt myself she had to rush me to da vet. THE VET a'fore chrissmouse...I didn't fink that was furry nice. But, turns out I was OK. IF'n she had just left me alone I wouldn't been fine! Den we had chrissmouse and Momma has been on bay-ca-shun. Wouldn't let me blog at all until today. I fink I will send her back to werk!

Nice jobbie on the WCB!


Kimo & Sabi said...

We wish you a furry happy, safe, healthy, flea-free, Temptations-filled New Year!

Cecilia, The 2Bs & LT said...

Happy New Year!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Happy New Year to Tiggy and Sarah! May 2007 take you to new and exciting adventures!

~J&B and their Mom

One-Eyed Jack said...

I came by to wish you both a Happy New Year! I'm glad you're back blogging some, I missed you! And Toronto is a nice place, I was born there in an apartment way up in the sky!

Oh, and my OTW wanted me to ask you to tell your mom, she's so sorry to here about what happened. She hopes the new year is just wonderful wonderful wonderful to make up for it!