Friday, February 02, 2007

My First WCB in Furrever!

Hi Everyone!

Well, we finally moved into our new home! Now I have a kitty teevee just like Kismet! ALso, I have two new kittys to live with, they are ok I guess. I just want to play with them, but they are lazy kittys. I found lots of other stuff to play with though.

I love to play on the stairs. The railings are lots of fun.

This is my den.

The first day I was alone in the house, my mommy and the other lady were out and the other kittys weren't here yet, so I took Gerry down to the basment and into my den. I didn't want him to be scared and by himself in the strange house! (I also took my birdie toy into the den. Just to be safe.) Then later when my Mommy came home an we went to bed, I ran downstairs to get Gerry, and brought him up to the bedroom, then I went back down to the basement and got the birdie toy and brought IT up to the bedroom too. But that was only the first day or so. Now I am really comfortable and Gerry is hidden away somewhere and I am the only one who knows where he is. SO I know he is safe. I don't want the other kittys to think that they can share him. It's bad enough that they try to share my mommy. One of the kittys likes to sleep on my mommy's bed, but she doesn't realise that it is MY BED TOO. Sometimes we fight over who gets to sleep there. Other times we BOTH sleep with Mommy on her bed, one by her head and one by her feets. So I guess we are getting along OK.

Well that is all for now!

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