Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More toy piktures and a question

Hello Kitties! I have been very busy trying to destroy the birdy toy. I managed to pull all the fevvers and the bell off it so it really looks like fish now. But then I got a surprize! Meowmie (I like that name) MADE A WHOLE NEW ONE! Fresh Meat! I have her trained reel good, she's got my replacement toys ready and waiting for me! Here are some good piktures of me with the birdy toy:

Before I make Mewomie play wif it

During play

My Kill

I play wif it by myself too, it always seems to get wrapped around chairs and tables, and that is a lot of fun. There have been some other fun things happening too, like my Meowmie made a big mess in the closet (bigger than usual), she took out a lot of clothes and moved stuff around. (It was fun to play wif the sleeves and stuff. I like it when she does these things to entertain me.) Afterwards, The Man came in and looked around an nodded his head and stuff. I think he was sayin "Good job entertaining Tiggy. Keep it up!"

But there was sumfing bothering me too. Have any of you kitties effer heard of sumfing called "Japan"? At first I thought it was a kitchen thing, like when I go in the cupboard and Meowie shouts "Get you kitty-litter paws Offthepans!" But "Offthepans" sound different than "Japan". I think I remember her talkin bout it a while ago, when her sister wuz here. Anyway, what do you kittys think? Should I be concerned about this "Japan" thing?


Eric and Flynn said...

Uh-oh that sounds like trubble. We fink Japan is a sumwhere else place. When our beans talk abowt fings like that, it yoo-shully means we haf to be locked in the garij.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we asked one of the teenagers who knows a little 'bout gee-oh-graf-ee an she sed it's 'bout as far away as you kin get wifout ackshully goin' inta outter space. ya don't want yur people ta go there. no how - no way.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

That's such a grate toy yoo have. It sownds like yer toy is vary vary tuff because it mooves arownd the diffurent chairs and tabules.

Yoo need to check yer cubbards to make sure thare aren't any speshul pans in a "j" shape. Thowse are probubly the "j"pans yer lady is reffuring to.

Rascal said...

I've never heard of Japan so I can't help you there. Good job killing the fev-vers however.

Catzee said...

Is a Japan somefing you can eat???? Or maybe it am a new toy.

Hot(M)BC said...

Did you find out what a Japan is? And has you killed the fev-ver fingy yet?

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

I know some kitties are Japanese. Tiggy are you expecting a playmate from Japan?