Friday, November 10, 2006

A Very Bad Day

Today was reel bad. We went to the park and there was two woofies, an the woofies owner was stupid. He brought the woofies right over to me even tho I was in my "don't mess with me pose" (hair standing up, fluffy tail). He started talkin to my beans, an he wasn't paying attention to his woofies, an the woofies's collars were REELY loose, so one of the woofies got out of his collar. He was furry big, way bigger than me an I was gonna scratch his eyes out. My Mom saw what was gonna happen, an she thought if I scratched the woofie, he might bite me, so she grabbed me up, but I was so freaked out I thought SHE WAS THE WOOFIE SO I SCRATCHED HER REEL BAD.

I scratched her in ten different places all over her hands an arms. She dropped me to the ground and shouted a reel bad word an The Man grabbed the woofie. I was so glad The Man was there. Thent he stupid owner took the dog an tried to put the leash on him, but the woofie got away AGAIN! The Man caught him again and they gotted the leash put on him. Then the stupid owner still kept standing there, with his woofies barkin until my mommy told him to go away. She said it nice, but I could tell she was mad. She was wearing white pants and they gotted blood all over em. The sratches were so deep they were drippin blood all over her white pants.

Anyway, we went home after that. I usually sit on mom's lap and The Man drives, but this time Mommy drove an I sat with The Man. I think she was mad at me. So I crawled up from the backseat an sat in her lap as she drove. I hope I still get to go to the park!


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh Poor Sweet Tiggy and his mommy and Man. I'm so glad you are all OK!!!
My mommy had woofies all her life before me and she says there is no excuse for that dog owner to be so...dense.

Not only could those dogs have hurt you, they could've run into the street!

I hopes you still get to go to the park too. Most woofie owners aren't people, yeah, dense people....we'll go with that word...

PS tell your mommy to takes care of her scratches. I got mommy once when she was trying to put me in the carrier of death to go to the VET and I got her good and it got infected and she still has a scar. She knows now to use peroxide and neosporine on a cat scratch. You know she still loves you bunches!!!

D said...

Aaww Tiggy,

I'm sorry you had such a bad outing but I'm sure next time will be better. I agree with Mr. Hendrix... the woofie man was really dense.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Oh, poor Tiggy and Sarah! Big doggies can be so dangerous and a little cat has to be on her guard. It's too bad your Mommy got scratched by accident.

I once BIT my Mom on her thumb really bad when she took me to the vet. She was helping the vet hold me down for a shot or something bad and I bit Mom when I meant to bite the vet or his assistant. Her thumb bled a lot, but the vet had some medicine for it and a bandaid. Mom wasn't even mad at be, but I know that it hurt her a lot.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

yur momma's prolly one of those nice normal people who duzzn't like ta get scratched up, so ya gotta try ta learn a little more self control as ya get older. she still loves ya though, so don't worry. now our Lady's a diffrent story - her arms an hands is all scratched up all the time, but she duzzn't care. Midnight is furry affectionate but can't effur remember ta keep her claws in an the Lady looks kinda emo mosta the time.

One-Eyed Jack said...

That was a very stooopid dog owner.

I'm glad all the dog owners who walk their dogs when I'm out are smart people and walk their dogs AROUND me, and tell them "NO! The kitty probably doesn't want to be friends!" and then go away.

I'm sure your mom isn't mad at you. But she should definitely put something on those scratches.

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Dear Tiggy,
Such a bad, bad experience!
Tell you mommy to keep an eye on those wounds. She may need to see a doctor if she is allergic.
I wish folks would realize that not everyone wants to have their dogs come up, especially with babies, children, and cats.
Bonie in Virginia

Merlin said...

Oh no, Tiggy. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I know you were really really skeered and you didn't mean to hurt your Mommy. Don't worry, she knows too.

burekaboy — said...

moron dog owners. hope ur healing. cat scratches hurt like hell.

Rascal said...

That was a close call. Humans usually react that way after getting scratched, but after all it was neither your fault nor her fault.

Catzee said...

Ooo Tiggy that am a furry scary story! I wudda hissed at them woofies an been furry scared. Is yur mommy still mad at ya?